Responsive Website Development

Today most of the web users engage in internet surfing through mobile handsets. Every business needs to reach out to its consumers through hand-help devices effectively. This calls for a mobile-friendly website that shows up correctly on devices like smartphones, iphones, ipads and tablets.

Mobile Website Designing and Development

VDS specializes as a mobile friendly website design company India and creates responsive and adaptive web design to suit mobile devices. There are a few essential factors that we consider before devising the mobile version of a website:

  • Fast loading: Slow websites cost more. It is therefore important to ensure that loading process does not take much time.
  • Legible content: As the screen of the mobile phones or tablets is relatively smaller in size than desktop computer or a laptop, we assure that the fonts are clear and readable.
  • Easy navigation: We keep the navigation simple as there is limited space on mobile devices.

For designing device compatible websites, it is important to understand what customers want exactly from a website. Our mobile friendly website design services Delhi are based on thorough research of the market, customer demands and technology. Accordingly we make designs or mobile versions of websites that are more responsive in nature.

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